Tammy firmly believes that everyone deserves hair that they can be confident about, and you’re no exception to that rule. If you’re completely in the dark and you’re unsure what you need or want, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and she will guide you every step of the way to ensure you leave feeling like a new person.

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Hair Services

Hair Color

Looking to completely transform your look? For that, you may need a full hair coloring and there are several types of hair coloring, each offering different results based on how long you want your hair to be colored, and if you’re unsure about the different options, then Tammy can happily make recommendations for you. Whether you’re simply looking to color some greys or if you would prefer to create a unique and wild style to show off in public, Tammy is more than happy to provide her services and expertise to you. Tammy uses Eufora Hair Color for all of her Color applications. Eufora Hair Color is the Top Technology in Hair Color products in the market. A Hybrid Micro-Pigment, lowest ammonia in the market that provides exquisite color for your hair. All hair color has a alkalizer to make the color process and oxidize, and ammonia is not bad for the hair! She also has Calura color for sensitive scalps, or people who are getting sensitivity to hair color, because Calura has no PPD’s in the color that people can have reactions too.

  • Base Color Retouch, a few hi-lites, and cut, with a quick blow dry
  • Men’s color and cut
  • Grey Root Coverage
  • Bump the Base with Highlights
  • Bump the Base
  • Money Piece Accents
  • Tone on Tone Highlights with Color
  • Color Correction
  • Not a big fan of bright rainbow colors (too damaging to the hair)
Woman With Hair Coloring Showing Off Her Hair

Additional Coloring Services

Highlights, Partial Highlights and Lowlights

If you’re happy with the color of your hair, but would like something to add a splash of color, then hair highlights are an excellent way to add to your existing hair and give it a boost of style. Highlights can color complete sections of hair, or they can be applied in layers to give your hair a look of volume and luxurious quality. Tammy provides services to highlight and lowlight your existing natural colors. Highlights and lowlights can have a drastic impact on your hairstyle performance and they’re fantastic for giving yourself a brand-new look

  • Haircut and Highlights
  • Touch up with Highlights and Haircut
  • Highlight and Lowlights
  • Touch up, Partial highlight and Haircut
  • Partial highlight and Haircut
Woman showing off her Hair Highlights in Las Vegas, NV

Tone on Tone Highlights Color

This is one of my most beautiful color designs. Putting Color Dimension into the top of the crown and front Money Piece area, with Grey Coverage at the same time. Maximizing your time and getting your right coloring for your design. Great for long hair coloring and less damaging for your hair.

  • Add Color Dimension top of Crown & Money Piece Area
  • Grey Coverage
  • Less Damaging


If you are looking for a subtle but Natural Gradation of Hair Color, consider a Balayage Treatment from Tammy. You won't be disappointed! Consultation Recommended.

  • Subtle but Natural Gradation of Hair Color
  • Consultation Recommended

Hair Touch-ups

As your hair starts to grow, the color in your hair will start to fade away. I recommend processional Eufora Shampoo, Conditioners, and Styling products to Color-Lock in your new hair color. Touch-up your new growth, so that the color remains consistent all over.

  • Touch-Up
  • Touch-Up and Haircut


Haircutting Service

Tammy provides Haircut Services for Women and Men in Las Vegas. Tammy has been trained with different techniques for haircutting.

  • Consultation
  • Women's Haircut
  • Women's Blow-Dry
  • Men's Haircut
  • Conditioning Treatment
  • Perm, consultation required
  • Malibu C Treatment
  • Long Hair Treatment
Elderly Woman With a new Haircut

Long Hair Care System

She can help you with getting your hair longer, she has created a Long Hair Care System for those who feel their hair will just not grow or get any longer. You can get the long hair you have always wanted. She will educate you about all you can do without extensions, working with your own hair health and management.

  • Get the Long Hair You Have Always Wanted
  • No Extensions!
  • Hair Health Management
  • Long Hair Treatment

Smoothing Services

Banish frizz and unruly hair for good! Transform your locks into beautiful, controlled hair that takes less time to style and makes you look stunning. Because of the Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment Tammy uses on her clients, you will receive the straight hair you have always wanted. (not fully recommended for ethnic, or over-curly hair) Consultation recommended. This service will cut down your Blow-dry style time in the morning, and also help you to grow your hair longer if you desire.

  • Keratin Smoothing Service
  • Banish Frizz & Unruly Hair for Good!
  • Consultation Recommended

Haven’t seen what you’re looking for or need more information? Feel free to contact Tammy directly at 702-630-1606 for more details about her services or to make a specific request. Tammy will be happy to discuss with you what you are thinking about doing to your hair.

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